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About us

About us

Our company is talent, motivation and dedication incarnate. Each of our employees channel these qualities and many more into the work they do and the services we offer. As a company it is imperative for us to hold our clients in high esteem and deliver only what we see is the best.

With over a decade of experience behind our backs, we have acquired a deep understanding of each market delivering state-of-the-art services. We have a global team of professional providing services across the board which not only allows us to be functional at all times, but also instil diversity into our work.
With everything our team has developed our company to be, we have mastered the skill of handling a competitive and
fast-changing environment of different markets and harbour a unique understanding to hone our performance accordingly.

Malleability and eagerness to grow are central values to the work environment we have created where we strive to deliver the best and tailor each project to our client in order to provide a better suited, personalized service for client satisfaction.

Our approach

We are a company of honest and dedicated people and we strive for it to show in our dealings and work we do with our clients. We believe that each client should be offered services that are tailored to their needs and their business’. It is of utmost importance to us that the transparency is maintained between both parties for the best outcome, which we are proud to say we deliver.

We believe that a single person can not do everything therefore, we have teams that explore the full potential of the task and perform to it. Being a company of highly motivated people we take steps to ensure that our clients get the best treatment and are able to achieve the goals for their businesses that would not be possible without the team.

Our team and experience

PIMU international DMCC has put together a team of professionals that each specialize in different fields and work in collaboration to give the project more depth and dimension.


Our professional are highly motivated and extremely talented individuals who excel at the work they do and are eager to learn more with each incoming project. They tailor each plan to the requirements of our clients and are trained to ensure 100% client satisfaction regardless of the amount of work that has to be put in to achieve that.


Each team member has vast experience in their respective fields and we as a company rely on their experience and insight gained over the years to enable us all as a team to perform to the best of our abilities. We believe that every bit counts which is why each one of our team members as well as each of our clients is highly valued at PIMU international DMCC.

Our unique and most sought-after solution

Exclusive project management and investment

Every startup in the process of building a new product faces a lot of challenges that consume a lot of time and efforts to resolve. Lack of leadership experience, limited resources, deadlines and stress of setting the right priorities can negatively influence the company and its performance.

Our competent team of seasoned professionals is ready to eliminate this stress entirely with our exclusive all-in project management offering and investments eligibility plans

Your ideas
Right decision
No team
Our team
Loss of time
Best result
No money
Our investments
Professional project development

We assist the new product or service offering in fully shaping it from conceptualization to its go-to-market readiness. You share your idea, together with your goals, and we create an in-depth strategy to ensure the optimal utilization of resources, timelines, and budgets...


We have established close connections to investors and investments groups to facilitate funding into your startup with an easy and streamlined process. We assist you entirely to create a compelling and ultimate pitch deck for your value proposition, tailored uniquely for you...

Through our professionals and our network, we ensure that your project is delivered
seamlessly, smoothly and with the highest standards of the industry.



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Why choose us?

PIMU international DMCC is a team of highly dedicated professional focused primarily on delivering the prime quality work to our clients. Client satisfaction is the centre pole around which each of our team work. We specialize in a number of diverse fields and can provide almost everything that a business needs, whether new or established, to maximize its goals and effectively achieve them.

The professionals we hire are very goal-driven and it manifests in the work they do, they are capable of performing their best individually and independently as well as perform well in a team.

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