Privacy Policy

This privacy policy stands as a contract between both parties (company and client)

To be held up for the benefit of both parties and for a healthy relationship between the mentioned. Any client subscribed to us or seeking our services is obligated to abide by and comply to the following terms of our privacy policy where applicable.

The company may update the privacy policy at any time it deems important, reasonable or necessary and may do so without prior notification.
Anyone who visits the website is free to do so without providing any personal information, however when you do provide personal information we collect navigational information.
Personal information refers to any piece of information the client or visitor to website provides the company and may disclose their identity, for example, name, address, contact number, email, company name etc. Navigational information refers to any information regarding you IP address, geographical location, website visits, browser type, referral source etc.
The company may collect and process payment information including credit card number and billing information, other than that no sensitive information is collected by us.
Personal information collected by the company is not shared with any third party sources.

The personal information provided by the client may also be used for;
Enhancing the browsing experience
Sending you information we think you might find useful or interesting
For our marketing communications
Provide stats information to other companies without identifying any user.

The customer testimonials posted on our website display personal information of our client. Consent is obtained prior to publishing the testimonial via email sent by the company to the client.
We employ other companies to provide services to our clients, personal information of the specific client involved may be shared with them in situations like analysing data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit card payments etc.