Information Technology


Our software house facility specializes in software development, software technology and software distribution. We ensure that each of these sub-services are carried out seamless in order to facilitate our clients.

Our staff working for the software house services are divided into sub teams responsible for respective tasks that each member of the team qualified for and expert at. Quality assurance is not only our priority but the crown jewel of the services we offer.

We have spread our team over multiple time zones to ensure an around the clock service for our clients focusing on revolving each problem as soon as it arises in addition to different teams putting in full effort to take a project to completion while making sure each aspect is perfectly taken care of. Our software house employs the professionals who are best in their field and were hand-picked to give our clients the best service in the industry.


Employee training and education lies at the heart of corporate success. While training may be seen as a necessary evil and a burden for a business considering the capital that goes into it, training and education of employee, and effectively so, lies at the core of a business system. We develop some of the best educational and training softwares in the market.

Our educational softwares can be used by trainers, teachers or even students to enhance the learning experience whether its in regard to a courseware for a specific subject or self-learning. Softwares are much more effective than other forms of information delivery and are great aids to be used in conjunction with other tools for the conveyance of education and training.

Education and training especially for company employees makes a great difference in all stages of work; new employees learn to take on specific tasks suited to their job description, experienced employees need to acquire new skills and old employees work on career growth and progression. All this requires good and effective training of employees especially in lieu of the company/ business they are working for.


Web design is an integral part of any e-commerce venture. A web design can make or break the online existence and success of a company. Though you won’t have to worry about any of it if you choose to work with PIMU international DMCC.

Our web designers are exceptionally talented at the work they do and are also brilliant at communications which makes the work they do all the more effective. Each of our web designers is sure to spend significant time communicating with the client about their needs and the vision they want to put out into the market before incarnating the website with it.

We have some of the best web designers which shows in the work we deliver and in the client satisfaction we have not only achieved but also sustained. Trust us with your e-commerce website’s web design, it will only be one of the many steps you take towards your business’ success.


Our Information Technology consultants are dedicated to help and guide you through the optimal use of information technology and associated tools in order to optimize and spread your business by keeping it up to par with others in the market.

Our IT consultants will advise you and give you a roadmap to source, utilize and manage Information Technology assets in a way that is best suited for your business, office or work. Our IT consultants are highly trained to work with clients in a partnership that is trustful and understanding which better allows them to understand you, your vision, your business and what you plan to achieve. Each client is served according to their and their business’ specific needs in order to tailor the plan in a way that the business flourishes to its best.


As infrastructure refers to basic physical and organizational structures and facilities when talking about a system, Information technology infrastructure refers to all the physical It devices and products which include but are not limited to hardware, software, networks, data centres facilities and related equipment used to develop test or operate iT systems. An effectively designed infrastructure is a basic need of a business in today’s age and may play a pivotal role in its working and success. In the age of computers, a business devoid of a tailored IT infrastructure is sure to lag behind.

We tailor our plans and execute them according the needs of the client and their business to ensure the business can get the most benefit out of its infrastructure. Infrastructure is the base to development for any kind of system even despite IT, if the infrastructure built for a business effectively fulfils the needs of the business, it is key to provide stepping stones for exponential growth.



Advertising consultancy involves advertising consultants being at your disposal for short-term solutions or for fixing up or in fact improving on the material yu already have. No matter what services you need as long as they are about advertising, our consultants can help you get the best possible outcome of the situation. Advertising consultants can also work alongside your already hired creative team to brainstorm for ad ideas or for pitching in a new campaign idea. It is always good to have a third, impartial party oversee the work that is being done as advertising holds utmost importance when it comes to exposing the business to the public. An ad campaign can make or break a business, a well-designed campaign/ ad can attract customers at a much higher rate than would otherwise be expected.

Just think about it, how many times have you mentioned a good advertisement you saw on tv or computer and told your friends and family about how hilarious or colourful or appealing it was? We would say many times, and that is the way how ads spread the word about your business. Ads convey the mission and vision behind your business in a fun yet effective way, which is why a consultant’s input can make all the difference!


Advertising agency is a more creative branch of the services we offer which is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for our clients. An advertisement agency can play a pivotal role in the boom of a business by exposing it in a much palatable and understandable way to the general public out of which the business may draw potential clients from. The agency is also equipped to handle other forms of marketing and branding of the company.

Branding and image building is one of the key factors for the success of a company, it is the interface between the general public and the business, how the public or potential customers see the business/company means everything for a business and this is why we might just be your best bet at it. We have the most creative minds at work, grinding through hours of work only to give you and your business the best image and best marketing that is possible.

Digital Marketing


Marketing consultancy revolves around engagement of existing clients by way of analysing what motivates them and how it can be used to improve business. A marketing consultant’s job is to analyse current data and be able to manipulate and interpret it in a way to put in place a strategy to achieve bigger goals. Achieving bigger goals for your business is exactly where our clients and our company concur.

A research consultant collect, analyses and presents data in different formats, whatever may be best suited to your business. The invaluable information that a research consultant provides allows the company heads of director board to make informed decisions for the business for its growth and progress. The success of your business is our success too. Our marketing consultants are highly adept at consulting businesses from all over diverse fields and providing them input and strategies to grow their business. Client satisfaction is paramount to each of our employees providing service and lies within our core values.


Marketing management involves the directing of available resources in a business model to develop the best possible strategy for its growth and development by reaching a desired customer base to increase sales on a product.

Our marketing managers oversee and plan new product development, advertising, promotions, and sales as well as managing both the day to day and long-term marketing strategy of an organization. The marketing managers may or may not work alongside the advertising branch to maximize the output of our client’s business. Marketing managers engage the existing clients and put in place strategies that help a business achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Marketing is central to a business and our managers are the best professionals in the industry to take up the marketing of your business as well as help it boom into what you always dreamed it to be.


Digital marketing is an umbrella term that can go on to include all forms of marketing done online and can morph into many shapes as long as it is being used to attract and sustain customers for a business. Search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, social media management, subscription to newsletters by a website, blog posts, branding assets, infographics, pay per click advertisements… the list is endless. We have a separate marketing team that specializes in marketing online to potential customers in novel ways and attract them to your business.

People are spending twice the time online than they used to 12 years ago and judging by the number of people joining the online world each day, it is only going to increase. Therefore, so will the demand for digital marketing. Our professionals are expert at finding ways to connect more people to your business online and set your business trajectory to right path.

Seminars Organizing


In the digital world of today, undoubtedly digital marketing and advertisement techniques have taken over the market. But even today in an era of technology nothing quite holds as much impact as an in-person interaction. Many companies, businesses, non-profit organizations etc hold seminars and conferences for diverse reasons including launch of a new product, sharing of ideas, reviewing new researches. A well-organized conference or a seminar can and will increase the impact of the product being offered regardless of what it is. Making it an experience for attendees is a key factor and must we say so ourselves, we have that key in our pockets. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in organizing seminars, conferences and summits seamlessly without having the actual organizer to worry about anything. From venue, ambience, favours, lunches, seamless coordination of schedule, reception etc. anything that can potentially go wrong at such a huge gathering will be taken care of before you even think about it.


The aim of public relations is to inform the public, prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and ultimately persuade them to maintain a positive or favorable view about the organization, its leadership, products, or political decisions. Our professional trained at public relations are adept at spreading the exposure of companies, businesses or individuals we take under our wing for public relations management. Public relations is a vast field that works differently than direct marketing or advertising, the client is exposed to their potential customers or the other way around too in a much more subtle and effective way.

Though, different and unique in its mechanics from forms of marketing and advertising it is a learned skill hat even professionals take time to hone. We are proud of the team of public relations professionals we have on our team; each professional has years of experience behind them and is an expert at managing PR singlehandedly or working within a team. Our team provides some of the best services in the market.