Lifecycle of a project – 5 steps to a successful product

What does it take to build a successful project? 

First and foremost is, of course, the teamwork of creative and professional people. Let’s break that down.


Any idea starts in the head of a dreamer. How to do something faster, better, or maybe even a breakthrough idea that will change how things operate. The idea grows to the first feasible product draft and it is time for its implementation plan.


Now the product draft needs to be considered from the business point of view. A business analyst defines business requirements, outlines opportunities, problems and solutions, thinks through a monetization plan. He also takes care of planning and budgeting. The project is now ready for its implementation. 


Once the project has been technically specified, it is time for its visual look. A graphic designer creates a user experience and user interface, screens, buttons, and navigation. The crucial task of the designer is to create a pleasant, fast, and convenient user experience when working with the product. 


With the finalized design, programming starts. Now the screens and buttons come to life and perform the tasks planned in the project. Programmers are managed by the project manager who ensures that the programming outcome reaches the business goals of the product. 


A quality assurance stage is a vital stage to find any possible problems, bugs, or flaws of the software. Trained professionals perform the functional and interface testing to guarantee error-free and smooth release of the product. Any found bugs are then returned to programmers for fixing.


Once the software undergoes its final testing round and provides flawless performance, it is ready for its much-anticipated stage – its release! A happy moment for all team members who played an important role in bringing a new idea to life. 

Our PIMU International DMCC team prides itself on a multiple number of successfully released projects. Need consulting or advice for your project? Do let us know via a quick message and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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